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Our Great Story

The GoBeGreat Foundation celebrates difference-makers and overcomers, those who serve with kindness and selflessness while sharing their gifts, talents and opportunities with others. It encourages perseverance, leadership and community. 

It began as a family motto for Julie Norton Jackson and her sons Brock and Riley. “In our home, as a family raising 2 little boys “go be great” was our call to action everyday. It was no big deal, just part of our DNA. We dealt with whatever was going on and then it was ‘go be great’ because that’s just what you do,” she explained. 

The phrase is intended to shed light on the defining moment in which we either allow a tough time to get us down or let it empower us to make a difference. Brock and Riley lived by this motto day in and day out.

When Brock was taken from his family and community in a tragic car accident, his legacy lived on. He was a light. His passion for life and sports inspired those around him. He was a fierce competitor, loyal friend, loving brother and a selfless giver. He was an encourager. A difference-maker. 

After the accident, the mantra spread like wildfire and began a movement amongst the students at Brock’s school and beyond. Students and athletes living by the motto “go be great.” They allowed the loss of their beloved friend to incite service, goodness, and encouragement. 

As the phrase spread, so did the acts of kindness. Tee shirts and social media hashtags were created to spread the word. Julie, Riley, and her husband Brian along with Cenie Royal and Sara Amburgey recognized an opportunity to organize the movement into an organization that could provide for those living by its mission. 

Today, GoBeGreat is a registered non-profit organization providing scholarships, grants, sports equipment, and awards to those living out the GBG mission through service and encouragement.

GoBeGreaters have served all over the country with causes including the Special Olympics, Salvation Army, suicide prevention, food banks, and breast cancer awareness. As well as many causes that hit closer to home for many affiliated with the organization. Events and fundraisers to support fellow athletes battling illnesses, families in need, and general community service projects are also contributions made by GoBeGreat volunteers. 

To learn more about how to give to the GoBeGreat foundation click here or contact us to learn how to start a GBG project of your own.

Connect And Give.
Take Action.
Go Be Great is…


…a movement, a reminder that we are all created for greatness

We are a collection of inspired individuals who choose to overcome adversity with action. A chance to find purpose and to share that purpose in order to create a community of supportive and encouraging difference-makers. We are choosing determination over acceptance. Growth over failure. Perseverance over defeat. We’re leaning on those around us and being a shoulder to lean on. Go Be Great is knowing when to lead and when to learn.

Make the Choice.
Go Be Great is…


‘Everyone can be great because everyone can serve’ MLK Jr.

We are a team striving to make a difference in the lives of those around us because it is one thing to be great, it is another to inspire greatness. We believe that kindness and compassion are an unstoppable force when combined with action and service. We are encouragers, hard-workers, helping-hands.

Share your Light.
Go Be Great is…


‘We are creating an army of GoBeGreaters’   Encouraging, Inspiring, Celebrating greatness in ourselves and others..” – Julie Norton Jackson (Go Be Great Founder)

We are discovering our own unique greatness, our goals and strengths. We are striking a spark that spreads like wildfire. We are using our gifts in order to reach our full potential and sharing them to make a difference in the lives of those around us. Go Be Great is about learning, growing and embracing what makes you YOU!