Paige Bell – Scholarship Winner 2021

Paige Bell

College of Charleston


The 2021 Class of GoBeGreaters is happy to welcome Paige Bell!


Paige has an extraordinary, “rise from the ashes” story of perseverance and determination. While she details a challenging childhood, Paige took charge of her perspective and turned her life into a mission of greatness.


“ I wanted to be an outlier. I wanted to live a life that disguised the depths of disruption I had been dealing with behind closed doors, and I wanted to make a difference. I knew the pursuit of positivity was put into my hands, and my hands only. That was when I decided I needed to make my mark and Go Be Great.”


She began her first job as a soccer referee at only 12 years old and worked for years to pay for her first car. As the only female referee in the state she has learned the importance of hardwork and overcoming adversity. Beyond her unmatched work ethic, she shows compassion and kindness to those around her by striving to give at least five compliments each day. “I want to be the reason someone smiles because you never know is going on behind closed doors.”