I have known Julie for many years and her family’s story is motivational. Brock was an exceptional athlete and their story really resonated for me. GoBeGreat is inspirational and embodies everything you would want for your kids in life. I knew my son had the potential to be great.  He possessed that IT quality, the drive,...
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The National Cheerleaders Association adopted the ‘go be great’ mantra and created the GoBeGreat Award to celebrate competing athletes making a difference in their communities. Teams are nominated and recognized at the competition award ceremony. A trophy is awarded to the most impactful team to celebrate their service and leadership.  This year at NCA’s national...
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About Us

The GoBeGreat Foundation celebrates difference-makers and overcomers, those who serve with kindness and selflessness while sharing their gifts, talents and opportunities with others. It encourages perseverance, leadership and community.