Mr. Football

I have known Julie for many years and her family’s story is motivational. Brock was an exceptional athlete and their story really resonated for me. GoBeGreat is inspirational and embodies everything you would want for your kids in life.

I knew my son had the potential to be great.  He possessed that IT quality, the drive, determination and heart to be successful. He found something he loved and was passionate about.  Unfortunately, not many others believed and saw what I saw in my son, but I knew. He was blessed to also have a trainer in Raheem Shabazz, who also knew that he embodied the Go Be Great mentality every day.

Lincoln became focused in the 7th grade on his goal. As a parent, it is our job to guide and place our kids in the best position to be successful.  Workouts with a trainer, goals and attending camps to teach him his craft. Having a young athlete with the drive and determination is a blessing.

Lincoln learned at an early age he was going to be overlooked and discriminated against.  He wasn’t fast enough, wasn’t big enough, he heard this every day. It was sad hearing coaches and parents feed my son these excuses.  Football is full of excuses, but few have the determination and wherewithal to work for their goals. It’s disheartening to witness. 

We encouraged him to make the best of his opportunities and to earn his stripes and his spot. It was this time in the middle of his sophomore year where “Go Be Great” really took new meaning for us. “Prove them wrong,” we said.  His coaching staff didn’t believe in him or his abilities. His production and stats spoke otherwise, however, they ignored the numbers and the signs.

This drove my son to make himself so good, so fast, that it became painful for his coaches and teammates not to recognize his work ethic and field production.  “Go be Great” and make the best of the opportunities given.

As a part of his training, he used Rugby as a spring conditioning tool to make sure he was ready for whatever opportunities would come his way. Making sure he was in better shape than anyone on his team or anyone he would play against.  Rugby turned out to be a great tool. His Jr and Sr year he became a Rugby All American even receiving an invitation to play on the US National Team.

Lincoln received 23 Div 1 scholarship opportunities to play college football.  He acquired 2,800 yards his senior season and 38 Tds. He ranked 13th in the country in rushing even considering he did not play the second half in 5 games.  His stats were unrivaled by anyone in the State of Tennessee and most of the country and he was named Tennessee Mr. Football, the highest honor an athlete can receive.  He leaves his high school as the all time leading Rusher, All Time in Tds, and All Purpose yards. He was also named:

2 time All State Selection

2 Time All Region Player of the Year

2 Time All Metro Shelby County

Lincoln will go on to live his dream of playing Div 1 College football. “Go be Great” remains our family’s mantra as we strive to excel in every aspect of our lives.

We believe and know the best is yet to come in this story. Lincoln has become an inspiration in our community, his school and across the state.

– Lincoln’s father Mike Pare