The GoBeGreat Award

The National Cheerleaders Association adopted the ‘go be great’ mantra and created the GoBeGreat Award to celebrate competing athletes making a difference in their communities. Teams are nominated and recognized at the competition award ceremony. A trophy is awarded to the most impactful team to celebrate their service and leadership. 

This year at NCA’s national cheerleading competition 14 teams were named program finalists collectively raising over $15,000 in support of local charities, hospitals and organizations. Over 400 meals were provided for the Salvation Army. Christmas gifts were shared with 15 families in-need and 50 foster children. Countless GoBeGreaters made donations for pillows, backpacks, school supplies, and toys for underprivileged children. 

The GoBeGreat award allows each team to personalize their area of impact. Many created campaigns to benefit fellow athletes battling illnesses or hardship. Some organized events to help out in their specific communities. Oftentimes, athletes and coaches feel a sense of pride in serving a cause that hits closer to home and offers a chance to get creative with events and fundraisers.